Week 13 Lifeboat

This powerful documentary captures some of the most difficult moments of migration via the Mediterranean today. What were your thoughts watching this film? How did it speak to discussions or readings we’ve done in this class? Discuss your thoughts/comments of the film’s the reflections on the common humanity and of thinking with the heart.

Week 12.1 & 12.2 Orhan Pamuk’s Istanbul

Pamuk describes an emotion specific to the city of Istanbul that he describes as “huzun”. What is this emotion? How does it relate to the city’s history as a former capital of Empire to a marginalized city of the east. More generally, how does the east/west tension of the Mediterranean reflect on Pamuk’s memories of the city? How does the east/west dichotomy structure the culture and feelings of this city?

9.1 Mediterranean Incarnate – Anthro of the Mediterranean today

The introduction of “The Mediterranean Incarnate” engages with some of concepts and theories about the study of the Mediterranean that we have done in this course. The intro wants to make a case that the Mediterranean as a unit of cultural relatedness is not dead. What does the author suggest as an appropriate lens for studying the Mediterranean today? (read especially section on “A Transnational Community of Disagreement” p.12)