8.1 Contemporary Migrations

In the two articles assigned this week, what are the different pushes and pulls to migration across the Mediterranean? What are the bridges and barriers to migration?


6.2 Silverstein – The diaspora and the cemetery

How does migration affect cultural developments in Morocco? What is the cultural significance and histories of migration and mobility within and outside Morocco? How are remittances transforming social hierarchies in Morocco?

Week 5.2 Lila Abu-Lughod – Reproduction & Honor and Shame

Focussing on one of the assigned chapters for this week (Chapter 3, Reproduction or Chapter 5, Honor and Shame), discuss how the stories show how each of these institutions (norms around reproduction; the honor and shame norms) are reproduced in everyday practices. How are the women in the book also challenging or reframing these institutions through their practices? How do these women express their agency?