Schneider: Of Vigilance and Virgins

Purity and honor, particularly of women, seems to be a common theme amongst most societies. However, the Mediterranean seems to take it farther than others, at least in the past. In the Mediterranean, a family’s honor is based around the women of the family. Whatever she does reflects back onto the men in the family. This systems is part of the reason why the MediterraneanĀ  is considered to have “cultural continuity” rather than a separation of traditions. It is interesting to see that most economic structures are based around honor and shame, especially in the pastoral societies talked about in this paper. It would be interesting to compare the impacts of honor and shame on Mediterranean society and on possibly Asian or Western societies.

Meneley- Like a Virgin

Olive oil is a much more complex topic than I would have guessed. The mythology of how the Greeks got olive oil from Athena was quite interesting. Olive oil has been around for a very long time, therefore it has a deep history associated with it. The point of olive oil being a “sexy fat” and in favor of culinary experts was something I never would have thought about. Having the tasting helped back up some of the claims being made in this article. It helped kind of put two and two together to get the whole picture. I wonder though, will global warming reduce or completely kill off olive oil? And if this happens, what will be the repercussions?