Berbers in Algeria

It is interesting to see the kinds of stigmatizing going on in France and too see how similar it is to the kind of thinking that is going on in America. It seems that in certain groups simply being Arab is enough to be considered a threat even though an Arab person might not have done anything threatening. We also see this in some of the reports mentioned in the article where it says Berber are uncivilized warriors. It is this kind of labeling that leads to racism in the public, declaring another culture below your own.

What leads to this kind of talk from people? Is it because they are simply threatened by them or something more?


Kalavita Ch. 3-5

The entire article was very interesting with many surprising facts in it. One of these facts is that 60% of Italians work in businesses with less than 20 people. This can be looked at in a stark contrast to countries like China, where most people work in larger businesses.  These smaller businesses allow for more specialized products as opposed to mass produced products. It was also interesting that one of the most powerful group of unions in all of Europe is in Italy. The strongest period in the Italian economy was after WWII when immigrants started to come into the country.

My question is why are countries so scared of allowing immigrants in despite the bonuses that come with them like a stronger economy even when multiple countries have witnessed this?