2011 Spanish Revolution

“The #spanishrevolution and Beyond” gives perspectives of students who participated in Spain’s 15-M campaign in 2011.  Members of the movement occupied public squares throughout the country and set up camp for extended periods of time.  It’s interesting to consider the parallels between Spain’s 2011 political unrest and the recent events in Catalonia’s search for independence.  Additionally, this movement shares a lot in common with the U.S. 2011 movement, Occupy Wallstreet. The author states that social media, like Facebook and Twitter, was largely responsible for the massive crows drawn by this event. Platforms like these were also responsible for showing the police violence occurring at these rallies throughout the country.

I’m interested in how social media will continue to affect participation in and views of political events/movements. If Spain were to have another similar movement in 5 years, how would the influence of social media compare to that in 2011? 2017?