In this article the author talks about the group Slow Foods and how they have impacted other cultures. In one situation Slow Food dubs pork fat or lardo as an “endangered food”. Slow Foods used this more of a promotional campaign. A consequence of all the media attention was that Italian butchers who don’t use the same process to make lardo began producing products and naming it the same. Almost like the commercialization of Olive Oil making it hard to discern which is the authentically crafted product. Then the producers of the lardo di Colonnata acquired a legal copyright so only a handful of the people could make it. It seems like this area lost a piece of their culture to commercialization. My question for this would be is their good and bad aspects to commercializing a food that is essential to someones culture?


An Erasmus Generation in Spain?

Reading through this article about a movement in Spain one thing stuck in my head. The idea that all of these different people could come together for a single purpose. Students started this movement on social media and it spilled onto Pla├ža de Catalunya. The most amazing part was how organized it all was and how the communities around and even the homeless helped these students during the time they occupied the area.

In the article was a statement I wasn’t really sure the meaning of “It has been said many times that we are the Erasmus generation: we had contacts with other cultures, our training enabled us to assume more complex roles and architectures.” I have never heard of the term Erasmus generation. So I looked it up and discovered that Erasmus was a philosopher but I wasn’t sure what part of his philosophies they were referring to then I looked up Erasmus Generation. The Erasmus Generation is the idea of a whole generation having experience with other cultures and that they are more curious and open minded about new ideas and other cultures. They also think in global terms rather than local. I was thinking could these ideals be a way of bringing the Mediterranean together as more of a cosmopolitan society? Or even looking at the Med in this way with an acceptance of other cultures and new ideas?