It was interesting how from the very first paragraph of the article, it brought up the concept of a Neo-Ottomanist vision for Erdogan. To re-fashion Taksim Square would cause his ascension to power and thus employ that Neo-Ottomanist vision unto Turkey and then excel the UN to take more notice of Turkey. My question, however, is if Erdogan did rise and this Neo-Ottomanist vision took place , would Turkey begin to mobilize and attempt to expand into an empire once again? That was the first question that arose in my mind because of the Middle East being on fire and ISIS causing cataclysmic damage to societies infrastructure in the Middle East.

Extra Virgin

The olive tree is also the cornerstone of the domestic house-hold (oikos) and a sign of civilization, the inhabited world of arable land and agriculture. It is interesting that the olive tree is considered the cornerstone of the domestic household and a sign of civilization because of the health benefits of olive oil within the Mediterranean diet. It is labeled that the Mediterranean diet is superior for health and aesthetically pleasing and would not be labeled this without olive oil as a staple within the diet. Olive oil, because of the Mediterranean diet has been accepted as a staple in combating heart disease as well with the growth of heart disease among Americans in the 1970’s. This was interesting to me because currently America has seen a new trend in the “paleo” nutrition that would equate to the use of olive oil much more exclusively in everyday life and everyday meals.

Immigration and Emigration

It is interesting how Silverstein brings about the difference between immigration countries and emigration countries. Classifying Great Britain and Germany under immigration countries (which, you could also classify Albania under an immigration country) and Spain (as well as Libya) as an emigration country. However in Germany and even Great Britain, immigrants were seen as the “other” and made distinct among the “ethnic” populace of that country of origin.

This could also be noted as that of the United States as well. The idea that it could be considered an immigration state where individuals from different countries (currently Syria, Iraq, Somalia, etc…) would immigrate here to seek a new realm of life. However, even in the United States, there is still an “othering” that happens much like that of the countries of the Mediterranean with immigration and emigration.