Minority Politics in the Mediterranean

This article goes on to discuss the struggle of Morocco in trying to show that they are a nations of many different languages and religions instead of considering itself as one type of state.  This creates issues because the government wasn’t recognizing particular groups within the country making it see exclusive to some parties.  Many of the minorities in the country are treated unequal compared to people who speak Arabic.  This struggle is similar to what can be seen in many countries all over the world, so with this the people have protest calling for a new constitution to be enacted.    This will help create a feeling of equality among different minorities in a country, and this makes the country feel more holistic compared to making it seem like only one type of religion is allowed in the country when they have that as there “state” religion and language.  The main point is trying to look at the Mediterranean as an example of many differences in equality and taking past examples and using them to show the importance of equality in a country around not only the  Mediterranean but the world.

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