Slow Foods

Everyone knows what fast food is but no one talks about “slow food”. The idea of “endangered foods” makes you think about how food is handled in the United States. For many college students, slow food isn’t an option. Some don’t have access to kitchens to cook their own food due to living in a dorm or they simply feel they don’t have time to cook. Countless times I have been guilty of thinking it is just more convenient to eat fast food and elect to eat that instead of cooking even though I have a kitchen and I have time. Our culture is fast pass and makes you feel like time is flying and that you need to catch up. In my own experience, the food I cook at home seems more filling and more flavorful than the mass produced burgers at a fast food restaurant. It doesn’t seem so strange to think other countries don’t want the same fast food culture we do. Food is better, both taste wise and health wise, and it bring families together to eat. Think about Thanksgiving. Every year we set one day for slow foods only. What do people do? They gather and bond over food. Could family units in the US be strengthened if we join in focusing more on slow foods?

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