Like an Extra Virgin

The first topic that stuck out to me from this article was how they define what is Mediterranean area. Again and again in this we ask “what is the boundary of the Mediterranean?” In this article they define it as the area in which the olive tree grows. I think this is one of the better ways of determining where this cultural area is. The olives only grow in the soil surrounding the Mediterranean sea. We see it as a promenade topic in the stories in the area. The most prominent of these stories and legends surrounding the olive tree is the story of Athena. We feel the importance of the olive tree even today. The other topic that I found very interesting was the medical properties of extra virgin olive oil. I had no idea that there were the same properties in extra virgin olive oil as there is in ibuprofen. My question is, is the olive tree important to the region because of various uses or because it is unique to the are?

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