How, we ask, ought we interpret the media focus on Syrianrefugees, and how might this focus reinscribe a (racialized) distinction between “deserving” or “real” refugees and so-called economic migrants?



The media plays a large role on how we interpret the Syrian refugees. In the article “What’s Wrong with Innocence”, Miriam Ticktin describes the image of a 3-year old boy’s (Aylan) body washed up on the shores of Turkey. This image went worldwide and caused a stir in people’s emotions. However, their emotions were of sadness and not of fear of what’s really happening. The media’s focus on the tragic loss of Aylan, made people around the world feel that the boy was a deserving refugee that was lost in his voyage. The media has made it seem that the darker your skin is, the more dangerous you are. So, now when crossing seas. the lighter-toned people are on the top because they look more appealing. The media has made thousands of people across Europe and America prejudice to those of middle East origin. Especially after attacks like the one in Paris in 2015.

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