Writing Women’s Worlds Ch. 5

Chapter 5 talks about honor and shame. Kamla writes a letter to Lila explaining many customs in the Bedouin society. Education is no sought after for women. Most have little to no education. Kamla was lucky to go to secondary agriculture school, which is more than most females. Arranged marriage is also very common. Usually it happens between cousins. Kamla was originally supposed to marry Sabra, her cousin. Women also do not have a choice in who they marry (typically). The males decide who gets married. There is a certain expectation for the way Bedouin’s live their lives. Kamla talks about them being very pious, modest, honest, and welcoming. There are certain traditions that are upheld even if they are not liked by all. Some people want to change certain things in the Bedouin culture, but there are still many things they love and are proud of. Lila does a great job showing how much Kamla likes her culture, even though there are some things she wishes were different (like most people all around the world).

There are many differences and similarities between Bedouin’s and Egyptian’s. Like we have talked about in class, the Mediterranean is full of cultures that have learned from each other and grown similar in many ways. Even though they have some similarities they still see each other as very different, mostly because of their differing religions. This major difference can lead to conflict or just a hatred between cultures.

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