Research engines and strategies

To sum up what we discussed in class:


Anthrosource is a good search engine to look for some of the most up to date publications in different anthropological journals. You might want to use this site to search a topic then look for the titles in the search engine at Alden.


Annual Reviews of Anthropology

A journal that publishes reviews of literatures. The articles are great maps for navigating the current contributions on a specific topic or place.


Cultural Anthropology journal. I mentioned this a few classes back. In addition to the hot spots that we read in class, the journal is searchable by topic or region.


Open Anthropology is a new initiative by the American Anthropological Association that compiles articles from various  anthropology journals (often cutting across subfields) organized around specific themes. Since this is a new initiative, unfortunately, there are not many thematic issues (and none that applies to our course) but this is useful in general for research purposes for other anthro courses.


The final true and tried strategy is tracing the bibliography of an author that you like. Look at their references cited and pick the titles that seem useful for your project.

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