Istanbul Chapters, and the Taksim Protest Article

It was interesting in Pamuk’s chapters reading about the difference between seeing Istanbul through the lens of melancholy as someone who lived there versus the melancholy described in the other works he mentioned of a tourist traveling through a poverty stricken area. How there was almost an honor in the type of melancholy felt by people who live in Istanbul, and how that cultural melancholy differs from solitary melancholy.

The article on the other hand described more of a pride in Istanbul’s history than the book did. The article made it seem like people didn’t want their history destroyed (and they won out).

To me, the book and the article seemed to contradict themselves in terms of Istanbul pride and melancholy. Nevertheless, they were both very interesting to read.

One thought on “Istanbul Chapters, and the Taksim Protest Article

  1. I agree but I think that there is a sense of nostalgia when it comes to the transformation of Taksin Square. The goal behind the Prime Minister’s actions was to “restore the grandeur of Istanbul”. Both sides seem to be fighting for their history but the protests were more so trying to protect the foundation of the Republic of Turkey, which was established after the fall of the Ottoman Empire I believe. You’re completely right though! The article definitely seems to be more history oriented while the chapters focused more on the subjective view of the author and what he believes to be spreading this melancholy.


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