Olive oil – more than meets the eye!

Getting to read more about all that’s involved in the production of olive oil – Athena’s gift to us – was fascinating! Even more so, from a more medicinal approach, was the intricate details of molecular composition in relation to the search for optimal health. Thus, the exuberance of this sought-after culinary “relic” not only relies on the gustatory realm of admiration, but also  in its medico-scientific benefits.

Such benefits are heard from since ancient times (Hippocrates) and have left their mark in the modern collective mind as a staple for good health and fresh-looking skin. Understood as part of the elite  olive oil, the “extra-virgin” (first/second cold pressing) type contains the anti-inflammatiorial chemical oleocanthal. Moreover, claims for the benefits of olive oil to heart health have contributed to the frantic love sparked between what is generally known as “Mediterranean diet” and non-Mediterranean cultures, such as ours.



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