Like an Extra Virgin blog post

In this article what I thought was interesting was how they started with Greek mythology to have a base understanding of how sentimental olive oil actually is to the culture. Then how they tied the Mediterranean not with a body of water but with a plant and who utilizes this plant in their everyday lives is considered Mediterranean. As a child I could remember watching and talking with my mother in the kitchen as she made the family dinner tell me and my sister that olive oil was always a better alternative to butter and margarine and is good for the heart. What was surprising to me was how versatile and how beneficial the olive oil actually is ranging from health medicines to beauty products. The tradition of the olive oil has lived on through the ages with its multiuse and how it can be used as even a lubricant for machines although the way of procuring the olive oil from the plant has been mechanized the product has been changed almost none even to this day. I think that the American diet has a lot to learn from the use of olive oil and a healthier fat base in our foods to help curve some of our social issues with diet.

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