Extra Virgin

It was a nice and interesting read. Virgin olive oil was said to have come from the goddess Athena but now it is considered to be more from science. Olive oil is put into many things people use daily. I never realized that aside from food it is used in makeup as well. It seems to be true when this item is referred to as “liquid gold.” Also it is interesting that people in Europe that use olive oil for everything do not conceive the same illnesses as often as what Americans were. It helps prevent heart disease, colon cancer, breast cancer, and diabetes. This proves that maybe Americans should use more olive oil in our foods to substitute all the artificial things that are affecting us so negatively.

From the sounds of it olive oil in its first form seem pure and good for the body. When it comes to extra virgin olive oil cooks and chiefs find it to be the best thing to cook with. But why add the extra virgin to the name? To me it seems to be done just to take away from the stereotype of women having to be virgins, like Athena, and making it a substance so fine that it is above virginity. Pureness is one thing but extra virgin olive oil surpasses all expectations and limits. But of course knowing the American way, they will make it to where olive oil is a bad fat to have because we can never leave things alone. Always making it the next best thing that is not necessarily the best.

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