Extra Virgin authenticity

Admittedly, when I think of the Mediterranean and food, I think of olives and olive oil and tomatoes (Italian food). This article made me giggle a little bit when I read the part of  Olive oil being associated with Advil and Motrin. It’s funny, because my Aunt works for the company who makes Advil and she loves the Mediterranean region and travels there constantly. I’m curious if she has any idea of the products her company makes and her favorite region are oddly tied together.

Aside from that, it saddens me to think that something that is such a staple to a region of the world has become so commercialized that the history of the product has become lost. I know that it comes from the Mediterranean, but I didn’t know that a raw or and olive in it’s “natural” state is bitter and inedible. I don’t eat olives, so I wouldn’t have been able to tell the difference but it’s still small things like that, that get lost in the growth of a product.


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