Work to Eat and Steal to Save

I had no idea how complicated the Greek crisis was. I have always found economics confusing, but these articles brought forth so many factors that were brewing for a long time and eventually led to the disruption of the Greek economy.

I found that in the readings, there were a few common problems that contributed to the crisis; historically, there has always been an abnormally large unemployment rate in Greece, tax evasion has basically been legalized, and the corruptness of a haphazardly organized government led to communication breakdown and mistrust in the government and legal systems of Greece.

Greece has apparently always had a large unemployment class, for various reasons, “The ratio of wage earners to the total working population was 35% in 1950 and reached 50% in 1980, when in other western countries the ratio was 80-90% or even higher.”

Furthermore, tax evasion seems to be widely accepted in Greece, which seems pretty odd to me in regards to trying to run a successful government, but hey I’m not an economist. The majority of Greece’s economy is comprised of small businesses, and a huge portion of these small business owners have special tax statuses, for some reason, these professions are “considered untaxable.” These professions include doctors, lawyers, electricians, plumbers, taxi drivers, retailers, tax collectors, residents of remote islands. Tax evasion has obviously been a long-running issue that has been practiced by all sorts of citizens, including civil servants and members of government, and because of this diverse population of tax evaders, the issue has been swept under the rug for a long time.

Along with tax evasion is a general lack of documentation, for example, the funds in public schools (Eat That! Strathis Stasinos).

These articles represented the complexity of the Greek Crisis, which has actually been a long running issue, and illustrates how difficult it will be to turn the situation around, and how many processes and procedures need to change in order for that to happen.

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