Corsican Fragments chapter 1 and 2

The way in which this book is written is different, so far, from how our previously assigned books are written. It is not my favorite read and I find myself zoning out and having to reread paragraphs because it is just not capturing my attention. The first chapter focuses on the landscape of the island of Corsica and its location. It also introduces some of the local people and describes how the inside of their house walls are decorated with authenticity and have the farmland represented. Also it touches on the school system and how culture is put into the classes and the classes are taught bilingually. There is the native language Corsican and French.

Chapter two discusses how the island is seen as mysterious my French novelist. It is discussed how Corsica fought for its independence against France. Also the problems of the island and how it needed help. There was French prejudice and the negative opinion of the island from non-Corsican people. This was a big issue among the native Corsican people. What I fully do not understand is why people are bombing things around the island. Are they protesting? I do believe they said there was a bomb placed where the French governor lived. Is it because the people of Corsican hate the French? I am just confused. Also I do not enjoy the topic of this book.

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