Translating Truths (from Sarah)

I enjoyed reading this article over some of the other readings we’ve been asked to read. I think that this is mostly because I’m also interested in Archaeology but on top of that, I like that it takes a different view point of Israel’s history. Most of the historical background of Israel is based on the knowledge that we have from biblical references or even just a historical aspect. This reading takes the knowledge a little deeper; to be able to associate a spear with a human and imagine a scenario of these two things being, at one time, together.

I also was interested by the process of how to dig and what they’re digging with. When I took a class on archaeology, it was taught when you find the region you’re going to dig, to do so with care. I think of this as I’m reading about them using bulldozers to get into the ground and, honestly, finding it a little amusing. It’s once they find themselves in the level of earth that they begin to use smaller, more expected, tools.

Overall, this read was interesting; I found enjoyment in the different stories and ways to look at this historical region of the world.

Sarah Palmer

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