The author, from the very beginning, lets you know that he is and has always been different. It seems that he spent a lot of time in his own special place and thoughts. It is strange how he goes about describing the experience he had with seeing himself in a picture. thinking that it was someone else that could possible be his twin. Also, why are the old Ottoman mansions being burnt to the ground just to be replaced by new buildings? Those building are apart of history and should be preserved as a museum or a historical building of some sort. The city may be in ruins but it can still be resurrected if given some time. Orhan also speaks of how the only colorful pictures there are of Istanbul are done by outsiders or people that no longer live there. It is sad that he lives in this once beautiful place and he has never seen it in its true and living beauty. He sees the world in black and white which allows a person to see past the vibrant colors and actually focus on the details of the city, buildings, and people.

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